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Who am I
The Traveler
I discovered travels late in life. Small debuts towards the Maghreb and maintaining more distant destinations as the Philippines, Guadeloupe, Sardinia, Greece with Rhodes, the Creta Island, … . There is nothing more beautiful than to discover a new country. I am more interested in people and monuments than by museums. I like crossing the streets of a city, finding of the unusual. There are so many things to be discovered in a city without doing the “inescapable”. For that purpose, nothing is worth getting closer to people, to chat with them over a beer. You will learn much more from them than from a guide. They will help you discover the places which they like. For example, in Djerba, I rented the services of a taxi driver who taught me more about his island than all that I was able to read in the tourist guides. I discovered wonderful places and I met other people, quite so interesting, thanks to him.
To travel, to discover a country is not limited to following the Lonely Planet or the Guide of the backpacker. Behind all these books, there are people whom are wonderful to discover.
I always considered that there were 3 ages in which to discover a country
o   Youth: we are eager to meet other young people, monuments don’t interest you at all,
o   The age of the family: it is the discovery of monuments, museums to teach our children,
o   The retreat: we are going to discover monuments but with another perspective. But we are going to get closer also to people of our age because they have so many things to tell us.

The diver
Diving was a return to my youth. I discovered diving during my last year in College in Salon de Provence. A father Diver with tuba and hunter also helps in this way. During a stay in the Maldive Islands, I had a baptism and this desire to discover the silent world (not so silent as it) turned out.
The devil of the dive returned. From my return, I joined a local club to get my Level 1 (FFESSM). Departe for the Creta Island and discovery of these funds for my first bubbles. After Corsica where I get my PE40 with the aim of a cruise plunge in Egypt, and for the discovery of remains.
After a 2nd journey in Corsica, I finalized my Level 2 (allows 131 feet). Thanks to Tony, a friend and Belgian Master diver, I get my AOWD license which took me to a more international level.
The travels of diving then followed one another: Guadeloupe, Sardinia, the Mediterranean Sea and especially the Philippines, my favorite country.
Since then, I cross seas to discover new sea bed, quench my passion. All the seas are not alike but any dive for me is a delight, whether it is in 49 or in 131 feet, the oceans reveal its beauty, its fauna, its funds, its falling. Nothing is more beautiful than this world, hoping that the pollution generated by man doesn’t destroy this natural beauty..
I now have to discover the remains of Normandy with my friend Yan, a real historian on his region and on the period of the 2nd world war, visit my Kiko ( Guadeloupe), Marvin Martinique), Florida, invited by a Facebook friend FB.
I invite you to discover this world during a baptism, you will see, the devil of the silent world, is not as silent as it seems, will catch you very fast.
The sea, once she has cast her spell on you, she keeps you in her net forever (Jacques Yves Cousteau)

The photographer
When I was younge I had 2 passions: computing and photography. Computing became my job, photography, always a passion. My camera leaves me almost never.
I decided to begin with Photography. After a training of one year, I obtained the first degree of Photography. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue along this path for family reasons. The only proposals: freelance journalist with financial hazards. As a result, I moved on to the computing.
I began in argentic on Nikon EM and a Mamiya C330 (6×9). Then, my device becoming too old, I moved on to the argentic. At first Nikon D70 and recently Nikon D7200. Only 2 objectives, Nikkor 18/100mm and 70/300mm. I would have to invest in a fish-eye lens and maybe a dubber with focal or a telephoto lens, but all this remains a history of budget. For diving, I began with my Nikon S3600 but finding the limits of this APN, I offered myself, almost at the same time as my new Nikon, a RX100 MK2 Sony with an Isotta sealed underwater housing. This APN is coupled with a torch 1600 lumen (A flash in forecast) and to keep video images of my high angle shots, I went up on my deck a camera of action, lit from the launch and stopped in the end of the landing of safety.