Amman, Jordan, October 2018

Amman, Jordan, October 2018
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A great trip to Jordan for sightseeing and diving, of course. Four days of visit and 6 days of diving. I went through a Tour Operator that allowed me to prepare the trip together. On the program, Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and finally Aqaba for the diving part.
A driver took me to the airport, direction to a small hotel in the outskirts of Amman that did not allow me to see the city, as I would have liked.
Amman remains the big city with intensive traffic. I was surprised by the number of mosques. I know I am in a Muslim country, but the number is surprising. The awakening was at 5 am when the call to prayer by the muezzin. A driver came to pick me up to go to Petra with a few stops including the Dead Sea.
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