Aqaba, Jordan, October 2018

Aqaba, Jordan, October 2018
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A tourist town, the only one at the seaside. As a result, the port terminal is huge. Every morning, around 5 am, the call to prayer is surprising, but you get used to it quickly. It started when I arrived on Jordanian soil and at Aqaba I did not pay attention anymore.
I have walked a lot as usual and I prefer to go out a little tourist area. Besides, I did not feel calm at one point because I found myself in a residential area where mostly men lived. Imagine a tourist in shorts, basketball and camera strolling in this area. Fortunately, I smile constantly. I still avoid taking pictures in this area.
Many thanks to Farid for inviting me to a “sweet outing out” of the tourist area. I discovered a very good pastry shop that was crowded, Jordanian, no tourists.
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