Porto – Aveiro

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Aveiro, Porto, Portugal, March 2019

+ The place


+ My feelings and historical part

Walking along the canal is really a very nice walk, especially under a spelndide sun. We did not use a boat that takes you from the mouth to the small lake.
Historical part
Originally, like the neighboring villages, currently located more than 5km (13mi) from the shore, Aveiro was a seaport. The small medieval town developed remarkably in the 15th and 16th centuries thanks to the cod fishery. In 1575, a violent storm closed the lagoon and the harbor sinks which declined the city.
In 1808, finally, between the dikes built with the stones coming from the walls of the city, one succeeds to reopen the pass between the estuary and the ocean. The ceramic and porcelain industry is growing. With prosperity comes radiance: Aveiro becomes a home of baroque art; his school of sculpture is famous; the city is covered with many monuments.
Aveiro was also the Portuguese capital of salt with the traditional boats (“the moliceiros”), the seaweed used was then harvested to fertilize the dunes surrounding the Ria. Statues erected testify of this time.