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Hong Kong, Some hours during a stopover, China, January 2018

+ The place


+ My feelings and historical part

The visit to Hong Kong was quite fast (delayed landing) and under a light drizzle. I still saw what I had planned. I had contacted a French, Alexandre (met on routard.com living there and knowing the city well, he was an eloquence on everything related to this city and I learned a lot even if I forgot I had planned: HSBC Main Building, Statue Square, Two International Finance Center, The HK Observation Wheel, Victoria Park, Time Square, Bowrington Road and 1881 Heritage At night, Hong Kong is wonderful, even in the rain. A city to discover absolutely.
Hong Kong is constantly changing with the construction of new residential buildings either on land gained from the sea or by the demolition of old buildings. In the social scale of the country, the higher you live, the more you are rich …
Historical part
Hong Kong in Cantonese Yale means literally: “wearing perfumes” or “cented port” is officially Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Life expectancy, 84.2 years, was the longest in the world in 2017. British colony, it was retroceded to China 155 years later, Hong Kong remains radically different from the rest of the People’s Republic of China.