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Panglao-Bohol, Philippines, May 2018

+ The place


+ My feelings and historical part

A very tourist island where, again, diving is the number one leisure activity. Fortunately, out of the dive, you can visit Panglao Island by scooter and see all these small churches. Do not hesitate to go also to Tagbilaran to take the temperature of the city. Then, go back to Chocolates Hills stopping at the shrine tarsiers and then down along the Lohoc River.
The only complaint I would give to Panglao is the number of Koreans turning this part into an image of Korea with its restaurants and shops. This remains disappointing for me.
Historical part
Well before the Spanish colonization, the area was already long visited by Chinese and other Asian traders, as evinced by archaeological finds of Tang, Song, and Ming dynasty porcelain and trade wares.
Panglao flourished during the rule of the Dapitan kingdom, but raids by Moluccans and conquest by Ternate resulted in periods of depopulation when its population fled mostly to Panay and Mindanao, including Dapitan.
During the Spanish rule, a Jesuit mission post was established, that in 1782 was formed into a parish, known as La Iglesia de San Agustin de Panglawod. In 1803, the town was officially made into a municipality.
The Panglao watchtower was built in 1851. The 5-storey octagonal tower is the tallest of its kind in the Philippines but suffers from neglect.


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