The Maldives

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The Maldives, March 2011

+ The place


+ My feelings and historical part

A great trip to the Maldives: a trip of rest, of “idleness”, … Just let the time flow slowly and enjoy the peace and quiet of the place. We do not go to the Maldives to visit the dolphins and the seabed. This is what I did elsewhere. I rediscovered the pleasure of diving, discovered in my youth. A small baptism at 6m (19ft) then descent to 12m (40ft) because the dive master felt me ​​at ease underwater.
Historical part
The Maldives is an archipelago of 1199 islands of which only 202 are inhabited. Among those inhabited, there are many island-hotels, rented for 99 years. It is a significant financial windfall for the government, as well as jobs for many Maldivians, although many Indians, Sri Lankans also work there.
But the rising waters strongly threaten its magnificent islands. Another threat, the radical Islamist.
The population is necessarily Muslim and the legislation is based on Sharia law. The government also protects its populations from the vices of tourists since only the capital Malé is accessible to them. In addition, tourists are officially prohibited from importing pork, alcohol, erotic books. My bottle of champagne still arrived at its destination. Even religious symbols other than Muslim are prohibited there. Yet until the 12th century, the religion was Buddhism. The conversion to Islam took place in 1153 by the many Muslim merchants who traveled the route between the Levant and India. Currently, according to Western media, the state would finance Islamist terrorist groups. Some governments advise tourists not to go there on the pretext that the money goes to feed these groups. Even if this is the case, we must not forget that this money is also used for the populations, unemployment remains a major problem in this republic.
In addition, a blood disease affects some Maldivians, it is necessary to renew the blood regularly. Some hotels, called upon by Maldivian health organizations, ask tourists to donate blood to help the populations, a humanitarian gesture that does not require much effort.


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