Jordan – Wadi Rum

The desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan, October 2018

+ The place


+ My feelings

What to say about Wadi Rum … SPECTACULAR, MAGIC, GRANDIOSE, the qualifiers I miss. It must be lived because it is difficult to describe this wonder. The mountains or “Jebel” are huge. The walls are serrated, or smooth (witness a collapse). In this place, one feels peace and during stops in the desert, one has the impression of being alone in the world, as evidenced by the 1st video. Look at it, without fear of sounding, and listen to “the silence of Wadi Rum”. I understand why, newly arrived from England, Thomas Edward Lawrence, said “Lawrence of Arabia” adored this desert.
The red sand of the dunes, the mountains where one looks in these laces for natural drawings. On one of the photos, we have the impression to see a bird with the game of shadows. You have to go to really realize. The 2nd video gives more rendering to the landscapes that parade in front of you.
This visit is punctuated by stops in Tuareg (tourist) camps with the traditional tea offered each time. A saying repeated continuously “More tea, More pee” (“Plus de thé, plus de pipi”).
The desert
Wadi Rum is a valley (a wadi or wadi) dug by the erosion of an endorheic stream in the rocks of sandstone and granite. It is an arid and colorful decor. Huge stone staircases are outlined and dart to the sky. The main sites are: Nabataean Temple, Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Burdah Rock Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge, Burrah Canyon, Sunset Sites and The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (title of a book by Laurence of Arabia).
This place has been used for many film shootings including Laurence of Arabia, Red Planet, Transformers 2 (Egypt) and Prometheus (Aliens Planet).
It is also a place for climbing, trekking, camel rides or horseback riding.


Note: I am not a video editing pro, so my motto “Go to the easiest”.