Bangalore, India, October 2019

Bangalore, India, October 2019
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A surprising and multifaceted city. On the one hand, it is a modern city but this modernity shares a world still belonging to the past. I would not talk about dirt or poverty. I do this on every trip to the Philippines and remember that a very dense population does not make that easy. I knew that cows could walk freely in India, but I saw that in small villages. But no, in Bangalore, cows walk around as they wish, taking advantage of trash bags to eat. Cars pass by to avoid them.
Walking the streets of Bangalore is really intoxicating. I would not mention the constant sound of horns, which serve a bit of everything for drivers. I would speak especially of the smells of the streets, smells of incense when one walks. A city to discover by walk.
Special thanks:
Thanks to Saiprasad for his kindness and help during this stay. Thanks also to Akshata, her husband and son for their invitation to Divali.
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