Bangalore-Mysore-Bangalore, India, October 2019

From Bangalore to Mysore, and back, India, October 2019
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I wanted to travel by train in India, but also by bus. Saiprasad kindly bent over the game to fulfill these little wishes. So Bangalore-Mysore, the train and the return by bus. For information, by car, there is 156km (97mi) for a trip from 3:30 to 5:30 (Google does not know too much). By train, it takes 3h45 and for the bus, 3h20.
I saw on the Internet these images of these trains jumping in the stations and the users running on the tracks to get on the platform. Or these crowded trains, these famous 3rd class. It must be said that it remains a bit confusing for a European who knows the 1st and 2nd class, sleeper trains or seats. In India, you have many more classes than exist. I let you search on the Internet.
After having a little difficulty to find the dock, we were able to wait for our scheduled train at 7:30. This train will finally arrive at 8am. On the docks, do not look for signs. You will just have the number of the train that appears. Fortunately, everything is painted on the cars so no risk of being wrong. Then you have to run a bit to get to his wagon “sleeper”. No privacy, only one car with corners like compartments without walls and doors. Along the length of the train, berths. It’s convenient, there are clean sheets and especially electrical plugs to charge his phone. Regularly, street vendors come.
The bus is another story. The seats are not too hard, but they sleep in the sleeping position during these long journeys. Sleeping is a big word because the sound of the engine can fall asleep or startle. A big stop on the way for a break “pee” and drink or nibble something.
From time to time, street vendors pass by the bus for you to “refuel”.
We ended with the city bus, even less comfortable and finally, the metro very modern and very secure. A little anecdote. Before the metro arrives, people are lined up in front of a rope waiting for the stop. But when the doors are open, it’s the hustle and it does not matter if people come down. Finally, I was almost in Paris ….
Special thanks:
Thank you Saiprasad for making me happy by accepting the train and the bus


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