Cassibile, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021

Cassibile, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021
Cassibile’s Cava Grande nature reserve is truly a marvel. I had the impression of being in the Gorges du Verdon, not for the river but for the atmosphere. The descent seems gentle at first but with the heat, 100°F (38°C), at first it was painful. Then, the descent is more difficult with a sheltered part, under the trees. And then, we hear the water, we hope to see it soon. We can make it out, but it still seems distant.
And finally, there we are. A limpid water which asks only to welcome me in spite of its freshness. I managed to get the water up to my chest but didn’t go any further.
You have to arrive early, ideally, be there around 9am. At 1 p.m., it started to get crowded, with many children. It was time to leave because paradise quickly turned into hell. And hell continued with the comeback. One hour ascent, a drop of 948ft (289m). You have to take your time, take breaks and above all, drink …


The oriented nature reserve Cavagrande del Cassibile is an oriented nature reserve rich in landscape, anthropological, hydrogeological, archaeological and speleological importance. The area covers 2,700 hectares in the territory of Avola, Siracusa and Noto. It is one of the natural gems of eastern Sicily with its maquis and its multiple pools formed by the Cassibile. At the bottom of the valley, a complex system of small waterfalls and natural pools called uruvi has been created with cool and limpid waters, the most suggestive of which can be reached from the Avola Antica lookout.
The reserve has a number of historical, archaeological and anthropological aspects of exceptional interest to visitors, among which is a group of cave dwellings carved into the rock and which communicate with each other through a system of tunnels and galleries. .
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