Santiago de Compostela, Spain, March 2022

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, March 2022
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I have a tradition: to take a day off for my birthday and leave France. Unfortunately, against the background of Covid and the start of the war in Ukraine (or “the special operation”), I preferred not to stray too far from France. So here I am again for Spain and especially Santiago de Compostela. A city that represents the end of the long route of pilgrims making this world-famous pilgrimage. I wouldn’t talk too much about it since I’ve already talked about it in previous posts.
I was lucky. The sun was present even if thunderstorms forced me to take an umbrella. Anyway, on the photos, you will see it well, sun and rain are there. In addition, the cathedral is finally visible again in its entirety, without these dreadful scaffoldings. The interior is also finished so I took advantage of it.
Santiago de Compostela is definitely worth the trip. You also have to go to Finisterre, La Coruña or other nearby towns. In the middle of summer, it’s not always the best time because there are a lot of tourists and a lot of pilgrims. Anyway, even in the off season, there are still a lot of people.