Birthday, Porto, Portugal, March 2019

Birthday, March 2019
+ My feelings
We had already talked with my childhood friends about visiting a European city during a weekend, as I normally do once every 3 months. When I proposed to meet the 2nd weekend of March in Porto, they said yes. Only Laurent and Pacou could not because they already had obligations for these dates. I just touched on it, long before, that these dates corresponded to my birthday, saying that it would make me very happy that we all meet, as we did younger.
On this date of March 11th, we all drove away for a tour of the Douro Valley. A small stop on the road to put gas to the rental car and do some shopping for a picnic lunch. Arriving at the bastide of Sandman for a visit and a tasting of port wine, we put our bags of provision for this improvised lunch overlooking the Douro. A river, so tranquil and under a bright sun, that water became a mirror, a reflection of life on earth.
A small salad, sausage, chips and the piece of cheese. I waited for the fruit for dessert, but no, my friends made me the surprise of a cake, a strawberry roll. And of course, the candles that went with it, so 56. Of course, not 56 candles but numbered candles. Candles that I had to blow several times because the professional photographer assigned to the team, Alain, was not fast enough.
A great emotion, a great joy to celebrate this birthday surrounded by all my childhood friends and especially, in a place so beautiful. The party continued in the evening with a gift ceremony …
Another big THANK to my friends for this exceptional day. And thank you for sharing some pictures.