Delhi, India, November 2019

Delhi, India, November 2019
Delhi or New Delhi, difficult to navigate. Delhi is a city in northern India and home to New Delhi, the capital of India. IF I understand, two cities in one. So am I in Delhi or New Delhi…
A very cosmopolitan city. My hotel is in Connaugh Circle, the central point of the subway. A huge place since its outer part has to do within 3.1mi (5km). I was able to walk around Delhi (Old and New) more easily. I also took the subway card, valid for 3 days, not expensive and especially very practical. The metro remains the most convenient and secure means of transportation. A search is performed at each entrance and X-ray on the luggage. There are many things to see but the distances are great. It is difficult to make several monuments in the same day, unless you are a walker like me. I regret not being able to go to some places like “Old Iron Bridge”. On foot, it remains impracticable. But I advise you to walk this way but I recognize that you have to know how to close your heart on all the poverty prevailing in this huge city. Many gardens, streets, serve as rooms and playgrounds for children. It hurts my heart but I am only a drop of water. I spoke with an Indian who asked me why there were so many poor people. Hard to argue for a European who does not have the same vision and the same spirit as an Indian. This poverty remains paradoxical compared to the immense progress of this rising nation. She almost managed to become the 4th state to probe the moon this summer. On one side, this power (military, spatial) and on the other this immense poverty.


Delhi is located on the banks of the Yamuna River, and has long been an important city, placed on the trade routes of the northwest to the Ganges Plains. It has been the historic capital of several Indian empires. There are many legends about the origin of the name "Delhi". According to one of them, it would be derived from "Dhillu" or "Dilu", a king who built the city in 50 BC. J. – C. and gave him his name. According to another legend, the name of the city is based on the Hindi / prakrit dhili word, "coward", and was used by the Tomara clan in reference to the iron pillar of Delhi whose foundations were weak and had to be moved. The coins circulating in the area under the Tomara were called "dehliwal". Finally, according to Bhavishya Purana, King Prithiviraja of Indraprastha built a new fort for all the castes of his kingdom and gave it the name of "dehali".
The remains of eight major cities were discovered in Delhi, the first five were in what is now southern Delhi. It was Turkish ("Quwwat-al-Islam" mosque) and Afghan with the Slave dynasty, then Mongol for more than 3 centuries. She then belongs to the Hindu Marathe Empire (1720). The British East India Company settled there in 1803, and the city was later British controlled until 1947, the year of India’s independence.
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