Dive, Egypt, December 2015

Dive cruise in Egypt, December 2015
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My first cruise dive into the pocket to descend on the Thistlegorm which is 131ft (40m). I did not know what to expect but it was chosen was safe, it has a lot of dives. That’s why I took DAN as insurance. The insurance related to the license of the French Federation of diving (FFESSM) covers only 3 dives including one night. A little bit of light counts that we go beyond 3 dives without problems. To give an idea, in 15 days in Corsica, I made 24 dives. During the week-long cruise, I did the same number of dives, with a maximum of 5 in a single day.
A cruise is not relaxing. Life is punctuated by the sound of a bell announcing the briefing. After, dressing and departure for diving. On the return, meal then rest. And again, the sound of the bell to start a cycle again. After returning from this cruise, my work colleagues found me tired … But that’s still something to discover. I would advise, however, to add a few days on the spot to REST. Some divers have even become friends, especially Kiko (my cabin mate) and Yan.
Very nice dives with life. The wrecks are beautiful and I really do not regret having passed the level down to 40m (131ft).
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