Dive, Guadeloupe, France, May 2016

Dive, Guadeloupe, France, May 2016
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Of course, I dive during this stay. Hot water, perfect visibility are already essential. Life is present with beautiful things like turtles at Dry Paté. What is surprising is the impressive number of lionfishes, these “carnivores” waters. By the way, it’s the only fish that can be caught even in the bottle. Competitions are organized with a prize for the best. On this occasion, participants learn how to cook it safely. It must be remembered that the sting of this fish, even dead, is mortal for the man.
Kiko showed me these favourite spots and we enjoyed diving together on different spots. Sports are really for all levels of divers. I took so much pleasure to dive in the Cousteau reserve at 49ft (15m) than at the 121ft (40m) of Sec Paté.
I would have to plan a trip to Martinique because the waters would be different.
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