Dive, Malapascua, Philippines, January 2017

Dive in Malapascua, Philippines, January 2017
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The island is not very big, with many divers of all nationalities: French, Belgian, Chinese, Korean, Canadian, German. The dives are already wonderful because of hot water but we are on the ocean, so a water always moving. Some spots are protected.
If you like the small, the macro, you will be happy because you will find your happiness, especially with the pygmy seahorses. You will also be able to rub big with the fox sharks, magnificent sharks that you will see in a “washing station”. Besides, it makes me smile because I imagined myself at the Zoo or the circus. On a plateau 30m (98ft), you kneel behind a chain positioned in front of the wall and the sharks pass in front of us, quiet. This tranquillity turns into a leak except when a diver makes a move.
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  1. Magnifiques photos qui m’ont permis de voyager en ce début d’am. Ca donne envie d’aller découvrir toutes ces belles petites créatures sous-marines. Biz Corinne

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