In Aqaba – Jordan

Diving in Aqaba, Jordan, October 2018

+ The Place


+ My Feelings

The sites are beautiful. I enjoyed being able to dive from the edge even though I’m mostly used to the zodiac or boat. The only “disadvantage” is, for the lazy people, to carry his bottle until the launch …


+ The spots with a map and the diving center

Cedar Pride Ship Wreck (9-27m/30-90ft): This wreck, deliberately sunk for more than 20 years, sits between Rainbow Reef and Japanese Garden. She is lying to the port side, the bow facing north, about 426ft (130m) from the shore. A permanent mooring buoy is attached to the rear of the boat by the Aqaba Marine Park.
Cable Canyon (10-30m/30-100ft): Established in 1996 when power cables were laid in Egypt, this site is located between Black Rock and Rainbow Reef. Here, the reef has been propped up on both sides to prevent it from collapsing on the cables. A large steel net covers the reef to the north and south, the coral now grows through it. Large metal tubes straddle the canyon to prevent collapse. They are now a habitat for soft corals and sponges.
Japanese Gardens (6-30m/20-100ft): This site is really badly named because a Japanese garden would be composed only of rocks and stones, nothing is further from the truth. This place has amazing flora and fauna and all this at shallow depths, it is very popular with snorkellers and is known as one of the most beautiful places in Aqaba. For the record, this site was named so a few years ago, because there was a site in Eilat bearing this name and none in Jordan …
First Bay (6-30m/20-100ft): From test dives to technical dives, this site allows everyone to dive south from the anchorage. The normal dive continues north, where you will cross a vast expanse of coral with black coral trees and you will arrive in a sandy corridor. You will find many cornet fish that change color as you watch them chase the little ones.
C-130 Hercules (12-17m/39-55ft): The last attraction of the Marine Park was scuttled in November 2017 and has already become an attraction for divers. I let you discover photos of the interior, especially a crew member (Haloween?). The final resting place of the aircraft is near the famous Tank. I have not been able to take many pictures of the tank considering the “the other divers’s leg”…
Eel Garden (15-27m/50-90ft): Site of the famous “pinnacle”, named after the myriad of garden eels living in areas of sand and grass here. Life is really present as well with the macro as nudibranchs or shrimps but also the passage of barracuda. The only problem lies in the multitude of fishing line. I even got tangled. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet our friend the frog-fish that Farid desperately wanted. We finally found him, immortalized both together in photos.
Map of the spots

Dive center
I dived with the club “SeaStar Water Sports” [here]. The club is outside the city but a shuttle picks you up every morning. The material is of good quality and the dive masters/instructors Amwaj and Farid are at the top. Make Eel Garden with Farid, he will find you some macro. You will not be disappointed by diving with Amwaj too, her smile is worth the most beautiful memories and she will find you something to please you.


Note: I’m not a video editing pro, so my motto “Keep it simple”.