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Diving in Corsica, September 2015 and 2016

+ The place


+ My Feelings

Both stays were in completely different places. Central West quite rocky with pretty spots on the side of Propriano or Calvi opposed to the sandy bottom of Bastia. To be honest, I preferred the area of Propriano with beautiful spots and many species, including a stingray of 6.56ft (2m ). It was an intense moment because it was the first time that I saw one so imposing of which I keep especially in memory the grace in these movements.
During my first stay, in Porto-Pollo, I spent my PE40 (diver framed at 40m / 121ft), for the cruise in Egypt. I needed this level to get down on the SS Thistlegorm and get into the holds. The propeller is the deepest point at 105ft (32m). For my 2nd stay, in Bastia, I finished my N2 (passage of the PA40, autonomous diver to 40m / 121ft). But I do not feel empowered …


+ Dive spots and diving centers

L’Ancre (18-25m/59-82ft) à Porto Pollo : Une plongée à 25m (82ft) avec l’autorisation du directeur de plongée puisque mon niveau ne me permettait que 20m (65ft).
Les Cathédrales (17-50m/55-164ft) à Porto Pollo : Très belle plongée avec beaucoup de vie.
La Grande Vallée (7-45m/23-147ft) à Porto Pollo : Deux roches parallèles forment un canyon impressionnant, avec des mérous, des langoustes, des dentis et des barracudas ainsi que de magnifiques gorgones qui ont pris possession des parois rocheuses.
Diving centers
Porto Pollon Plongée [here] in Porto Pollo, close to Propriano : Patrick is a former military submariner and is the dive director. From what I read, he hung up his suit and gave way to Sylvain and Jeremy. I also plunged with him.
Le Club de Plongée Bastiais [here] in Bastia: A team of thunder with Jean-Guy, Philippe and the other members of the team. Thanks again to Jean-Guy for my PA20.
Calvi Epic Plongée in Calvi: One dive with this center so I cannot give an opinion. I can only say that the team is nice.
L’Ancre (18-25m/59-82ft) at Porto Pollo : A dive at 25m (82ft) with the authorization of the dive director since my level only allowed me 20m (65ft).
Les Cathédrales (17-50m/55-164ft) at Porto Pollo : Very nice dive with much life.
La Grande Vallée (7-45m/23-147ft) at Porto Pollo : Two parallel rocks form an impressive canyon, with groupers, lobsters, dentis and barracudas as well as magnificent gorgonians which have taken possession of the rock faces.


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