In Egypt

Red Sea Diving Cruise, Egypt, December 2015

My feeling
Beautiful dives in Egypt. This cruise is an excellent memory and I discovered great friends like Kiko or Yan. I hope to go back but on a vacation, not on a cruise. I hope to see more beautiful things.
The boat
Our cruise did not take place in the planned boat due to small problems. Our was not new and required some repairs including a lack of hot water at first but eventually, this first cruise went well. The meals were good with a lot of vegetables, fairly balanced meals in short. In the evening, everyone gathered to discuss the dives of the day, exchange impressions or admire the photos.
Dive sites
Small Giftun (15-25m/49-82ft) : Giftun Small is a drift dive. At this depth you will see beautiful fan-shaped corals. The walls are decorated with gorgonians and end with a plateau of a depth of 82ft (25m).
The Carnatic (15-22m/49-72ft) : The Carnatic was a merchant ship of the Peninsular & Oriental Steamship Navigation launched in 1862 at Cubitt Town, near London. The ship, 90 m long, carrying goods and passengers, was mixed propulsion (sailing and steam ) and had a cruising speed of 12 knots. On September 13, 1869, shortly after 1 am, under a light north wind, the Carnatic struck the Sha’ab abu Nuhâs reef in the Red Sea and sank with 230 passengers and crew on board. 27 passengers and crew members will leave their lives, the others having been able to reach Shadwan Island with three boats. The wreckage was rediscovered after 1978. But the identification could only be made following Italian research based on naval architecture, tableware and oval bottles of “soda water” found in the holds.
Shark And Yolanda Reef (10-22m/33-72ft) : Shark Reef and Yolanda represent two huge coral potatoes, which one can bypass, and end up on a sandy area about 15 meters deep. The remains of the Yolanda wreck, of which part of the cargo remained at the top of the drop, the wreckage ended in the abyss. Especially there are many toilet basins that attract divers for underwater photos “out of the ordinary”… sitting on the bowl of course! But also morays who hide there.
Thieslengorm (16-32m/52-105ft) : The wreck of the SS Thistlegorm is one of the best diving sites in the world. It is actually considered by many as THE best wreck dive in the world! The SS Thistlegorm is a World War II wreck located in the north of the Red Sea in the Strait of Gubal. It is a former British transport ship 128 m long sunk in 1941 after a German air raid. There are two locomotives, two tanks, army trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, boots, stacks of rifles, and parts of planes and cars. It’s like diving into a historic place!
Panorama Rift South (25m/82ft) : A drifting dive in weightlessness above magnificent gorgons and beautiful Acropora tables. Keep an eye in the blue: carangers, tuna, barracuda are very often present. You will probably also enjoy crossing the “concierge” of Panorama, a respectable and very curious Napoleon who cannot help himself to mingle with divers!
Note: You could see videos in the album Special
The pictures
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