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Diving in Guadeloupe, May 2016

+ The place


+ My Feelings

Beautiful dives. Do not miss the Aquarium in Bouillante, diving in the reserve Cousteau. Without exceeding the 49ft (15m), it is magnificent. Sec Paté is also to do or Malendure, Pointe Mahault. The spots are numerous … In addition, it is a real pleasure to dive in water at 26°C (78.8°F). So go ahead and enjoy..


+ Dive spots and diving centers

Pointe Plate : A field of multicolored sponges, of all kinds a first small arch, and in the background, the deep blue of the sea.
The plane (22m/72ft) : This small agricultural plane, a CESSNA 188, was used in its first life to apply pesticides on banana plantations. As a result of an accident, it could not be repaired. It was immersed after depollution in 2000. Sponges, ascidians, corals settled there. The wreck also serves as shelter for angel fish, butterfly fish and lionfish.
The Aquarium (0-20m/0-65ft maxi) : A bustling life in the heart of the Cousteau Reserve, you will see many porpoises, turtles (if you’re lucky) and gorgonians and splendid tubular sponges.
La Pointe Mahault (6-25m/0-78ft) : The diving spot La Pointe Mahault is located in the reserve Cousteau, the Pointe Mahault is a small dry and a succession of rocky scree, the coral potatoes are very numerous on the spot.
Franjack (24m/78ft) : Originally called Oresund, built in Denmark in 1958, this hourglass cargo ship of about 164ft (50m) first sailed in Copenhagen in Denmark and then on the side of La Rochelle in the 70s. Acquired by a company du Gosier in 1983, he suffered, like so many others, the passage of hurricane Hugo in 1989, after a few years sailing in the Caribbean. It will finally be cleared and sunk as an artificial reef in 1996 off Malendure in Bouillante. He now lies flat on his keel on a sandy bottom. A beautiful wreck with a lot of life around. Open your eyes because we do not always see the fish hiding on the pontoons. The interior is also beautiful.
Mazarin : A real Japanese garden! You can see turtles or barracuda if you are lucky. .
It is possible to meet Lady leopard.
Sec Pâté (15-180m/49-590ft) : The site should not be missed. Dry Pâté is a “mountain” under the sea rising from a depth of about 180m. Its summit consists of 3 rocky peaks. The dive usually takes place between 20m (65ft) and 131ft (40m) deep. Clear water, exceptional fauna, abundant corals and gorgonians, barracudas, turtles, angelfish, lobsters, …
Anchors A beautiful spot characterized by many caves or arches. I love this type of spot because there is not only life to observe but also the atmosphere and the view.
Diving centers
Antidote Plongée [here] in Port-Louis: The team is really very friendly and have at heart to please. For example, we asked for a night dive (rather a sunset in these latitudes) and it was organized very quickly. Joëlle and Jean-Michel will be keen to please you.
Bleu Passion Guadeloupe [here] in Bouillante: A friendly team at the time since the owners have changed.
Inspiration Plongée [here] with Jean-Philippe Du Fayet De La Tour: Mr. Jean-Philippe, a character to meet. The dive ends with a small glass of rum. And beware, Nemo Wide computers are forbidden on his boat…


Note: I’m not a video editing pro, so my motto “Keep it simple”.
Photographer’s note: The pictures are not really beautiful, some are blurry but you will see, over the years, it improves.