In Malapascua – Philippines

Diving in Malapascua, January 2017

+ The place


+ My Feelings

I had a lot of fun for this 1st trip to the Philippines. The dives are very beautiful with water at 26°C (26°C). The shallow depths allow for long dives and finishing with 20bar is common. The meeting with the fox sharks was a touching and comical moment by the sight of all those divers kneeling behind a chain. I felt like I was at the zoo or the circus.


+ Dive spots and diving center

Bugtong Bato (8-30m/3-12ft) : A dive site with a bit of everything, a gently sloping reef that leads to a small descending wall, where the still sloping reef continues up to 12ft (30m) where a sandy bottom extends outward. A wide variety of macro life can be found here, including seahorses, frogfish and nudibranchs. A great variety of life.
Dakit-Dakit : Small rocks come out of the water and create a breathtaking atmosphere, especially at sunset. Between these soft corals, you will find flatworms, nudibranchs and various shrimps. Banks of small sardines hide in these waters while tunas and trevallies often patrol the area in the hope of finding prey.
Gato Islands (24m/9ft : Gato Island is one of our most famous dive sites. Gato is a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary. It has at least five dive sites offering a wide variety of marine life. We are constantly seeing new creatures. At all sites, you can see things like ringed sea snakes, cuttlefish (often during mating), seahorses, nudibranchs, frogfish, scorpion fish, porcupine fish, and giant shrimps. Away from the reef, you can see squirrels of squid and mackerel with big mouths attracted by fish balls. There are many bald sharks in residence in Gato, as well as bamboo sharks and cats. The coral is in good condition and the rocky island has many interesting underwater rock formations, overhangs and crossings….
Lighthouse Reef (20-28m/8-11ft) : Lighthouse Reef is a favorite spot for sunset or night dives. If you are lucky, you can admire the Mandarin fish. The seabed is entirely covered with hard coral which is an excellent cover for the many camouflaged seahorses.
Monad Shoal (20-28m/8-11ft) : The dive starts early in the morning, between 5am and 6am, not recommended for late risers. After 30 minutes by boat, you arrive at Monad Shoal to discover the thresher sharks. In the afternoon you will see manta rays. You arrive on a plateau and you kneel behind a chain so as not to venture into the fish wash.
North-Point (22m/8ft) : Beautiful corals and a varied marine life including frog fish of different colors, ardent urchin hikers especially zebra crabs, candy crabs and nudibranchs. Super macro.
Quillano (12-22m/4-8ft) : Quillano is a multi-level dive. Beautiful hard corals cover the summit and frogs, nudibranchs of various kinds, octopus, ghost fish and squat shrimp are common.
Diving center
Kokay’s maldito dive resort : A very nice dive center. The security may seem light but the Dive Master know their job. Do not be surprised when you report the 50 bars to continue the dive. These are shallow dives most of the time.


Note: I am not a video editing pro, so my motto “Go to the easiest”.