In Malta Island

Diving in Malta, October 2014

+ The place


+ My feelings

Don’t be surprised if a lot of the dive goes overboard. A trip by vehicle and in 30 minutes maximum, you arrive at the spot. And these spots are numerous and there are several in the same area. I did not see a huge life but the small caves, the tunnels are also a great pleasure.
The water temperature is also pleasant. I dived in October and the water was 25°C (77°F) with great visibility.
De plus, les maltais sont très sympathiques, donc raison de plus pour vous y rendre. Je reconnais être un peu de parti pris puisque ma famille est originaire de Malte.


+ Dive spots and diving centers

HMS Maori, La Valette (14m/46ft): HMS Maori is a Royal Navy destroyer sunk during the war on February 12, 1942 by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). The ship is not complete because it was broken in two when towing for scuttling under Fort Saint Helme. He lies at the foot of the citadel of Valletta in the middle of the harbor. Two turret bases are still in good condition as well as beautiful metal structures still emerging from the ship’s deck.
Cirkewwa, La Valette (15m/49ft): After passing through a few tunnels, the stop at the Viergen you will find the ark, which is a kind of big hole in the ceiling of a huge cave. It’s pretty beautiful and disturbing.
Xlendi Reef, Gozo (14-40m/46-131ft): A departure in the bay of Xlendi then the crossing of a tunnel passing under the mountain and bypassing the mountain to return to the bay. A nice meeting with a barracuda bench just when you enter the bay.
Inlay Sea (5-30m/16-98ft): Near the Blue Hole, this dive site consists of a tunnel connected to the sea of 262ft (80m) long that tourist boats roam. It is necessary to remain well at the bottom and to hear the engines above oneself is rather frightening, since we are at 5m (16ft) hardly. Then, small tunnels and finally back in the inland sea with great effects of light.
Santa Maria Caves, Comino (11m/36ft) : A succession of rocky cavities, schools of fish that we cross, a fear of pleasure. I am ashamed to admit that I thought in the middle of the bench: “Sashimi, Sashimi”. The best moment was the ascent in a chimney to be found in a cave filled with air, a great moment.
Crocodile Rock, Gozo (50m/164ft): The spot of Crocodile Rock is located in Dwerja on the west coast of Gozo A little further from the shore than the other spots, it deserves a bit of walking and that is what makes it so pleasant. Few divers, little known, it will however delight experienced divers. The dive begins along a wall before meeting a real underwater cliff, impressive! You can see many barracudas, but if you see the gaps and cracks in the wall you will also see lobsters and eels.
Diving centers
Dive Shark [here] at Sliema et Comino: A fairly nice dive center that helps you in case of any problem. I had a problem with my dive computer. 2 days after having confided in them, the problem was solved.
St Andrew’s Divers Cove [here] at Xlendi: A well-known center, present every year at the Salon de la Plongée in Paris. The team is very friendly and we speak French.


Note: I am not a video editing pro, so my motto “Go to the easiest”.
You will only see videos because I did not have a camera yet and the rendering of the photos taken with the GoPro is not great.