In Panglao – Philippines

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Diving in Panglao, May 2018

+ The place


+ My Feelings

It’s always a pleasure to dive in the Philippines. The water temperature is ideal with 78.8°F (26°C). Life is magnificent, and every time you dive, you wonder what you’re going to see. Macro enthusiasts will be delighted because the spots are rich.


+ Dive spots and diving center

Doljo Point (8-35m/26-115ft) : It is a drooping of which the most interesting about 33-49ft (10-15m). It is a very lively site.
Puntod Wall (6-30m/20-98ft) : A wall that starts at 10m (33ft) up to 98ft (30m) with beautiful gorgonians, corals and all the life tropicle linked to these corals. You can see clown fish, frogfish and lionfish there.
Black Forest (8-40m/26-131ft) : This spot is close to Balicasag and the most interesting is at 49ft (15m). It is a real aquarium. In addition, there are many turtles and they let themselves be approached if you do not rush.
Royal Garden (8-40m/26-131ft) : It’s a beautiful coral reef. The plateau is a festival of colors, with turtles, fish benches, …, all on a breathtaking coral bed. The kind of site where you can spend an hour at 33ft (10m) bottom and never get bored! The site is dotted with turtles.
Diving center
Island Adventure Dive Center [here] in Panglao : I like to dive local and I chose this center for this reason. The staff is Filipino as well as the bosses. The team is very friendly and knows the different sites really well.


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