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Diving in South of France, 2016

+ The place


+ My Feelings

The Mediterranean has wonders when one chooses well his dives. Many wrecks or reserves harbor a magnificent life. The diving on the Greek remains a memorable moment because it was my first dive in square. We descend directly to 115ft (35m) to discover this beautiful wreck covered gorgonians. Gabinière remains the magic place to discover these huge groupers.
On Fréjus, it’s another show with congers, submerged statues and a flourishing life.
The water is still colder than in the Philippines. But the spots are very varied as well as life.


+ Dive spots and diving centers

Le Grec (35-47m/115-154ft) : The wreck is a veritable garden of gorgon and life is flourishing there.
La Gabinière (10-45m/33-147ft) : A beautiful reserve where you can see beautiful groupers and beautiful moray eels.
Diving centers
Aquabulles [here] at Le Pradet: It’s an association, small means but very nice dives almost family.
Sympathic Palanquée at Fréjus: A great team with whom I enjoyed. Besides, I know the Dive Master, Tony, with whom I dive in Egypt.
Aqualonde Plongée [here] at La Londe-les-Maures: A good team to go diving on the wreck or Gabinière. But good advice, you aren’t in Egypt …


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