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Some dives
+ Explanation
This page is a collection of videos or humorous photos on the theme of diving. Diving is a distressing and is now used in therapy for stressed people. Many talks about risks but there is not so much accident as that. The accident can happen anytime and to anyone, both beginners and experienced divers. But when we dive, we forget part of this risk and we stay focused on his dive to enjoy the maximum.
Diving is also a story of friendship. People gathered to share the same passion. Links are formed as and when and some have become true friends.


+ Explanation of the videos

Crete (April 2014): My first bubbles but little life in this part of the island. Beautiful landscapes, that’s all. The videos have been retouched in automatic levels.
Sardina (October 2016): Two cave dives in Punta-Asfodeli: Capo Figari and Nero Cave. It’s a very strange feeling because the only light comes from our flashlights. By covering it, we are completely disoriented because there is no more landmark and the only sounds come from our breathing and rising bubbles. The silvery stains that appear on the vault above us are water.
Claustrophobes get down …
The Philippines (January 2017): When a diver is under weighting at the Monad Shoal site and the Dive master only has sinkers on its back, its equipment must be degraded at a depth of about 49 ft (15m).
Guadeloupe (Mai 2016): The Torpedo Ray delivered to Mazarin. An abandoned net remains a net and fish can be trapped there. This was the case for this small torpedo ray. The diver after a few small electrical discharges, managed to release it. I love the little final gesture on the head of the torpedo ray.
Guadeloupe (May 2016): The moray in Sec Pate. You are quiet, 114ft (35m) deep, filming and suddenly you see a beautiful moray that passes by you, less than 3ft (1m).
Corsica (September 2016): Anchor to Bastia. When you get to the dive area, the anchor is dropped. A diver goes to the anchor site to secure it. My friend Eric, stuck to this exercise.
Frejus (June 2016): Descent into the Great Blue to the Sea Lion. Some of my friends often ask me what it’s like to go down in the big blue. So I made this little video. A descent up to 131ft (40m) but the video stops at 98ft (30m). This video gives only the view but for the sensations, you will have to try it on your own. So, don’t hesitate, do a baptism, you’ll be bitten before you know it.


Note: I’m not a video editing pro, so my motto “Keep it simple”.