Djerba, Tunisia, April 2010

Djerba, Tunisie, April 2010
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Djerba the Sweet, a superb weather for a late April. I even bathed …
But Djerba is still the opposition of two worlds: the luxury of hotels and the poverty of the people on the island. In hotels, employees do their utmost for tourists, which some people do not deserve because they do not respect the country and the people. They walk around like in a non-Muslim country, almost in swimsuits. I am especially embarrassed by the monstrous waste during meals. But this is the lot of all hotels in less wealthy countries than France. This waste could feed families for a few days.
Let’s go back to Djerba, which apart from hotels, beaches is also beautiful to discover. Many Roman remains dot the island. Try to rent a taxi for the day that will make you discover the island, but the island of the locals, not that of the car chartering by the hotel. These buses leave you in places for tourists and especially for a commercial aspect. Also enjoy a ride in quad, a magnificent machine.
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