Etretat, France, March 2013

Etretat, France, Mars 2014
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Who says Etretat, says the cliffs but also Eguille Creuse, made famous by the hero Arsene Lupine, imagined by Maurice Leblanc. This gentleman thief flying only to the rich, is also a private detective, especially helping women, with the help of his driver Grognard. The Eguille Hollow was made famous by Maurice Leblanc because it served as a haunt for Arsene Lupine, but also his cave Ali Baba. Fiction or reality … Since many treasure hunters have looked for access to the interior of the Eguille.
The cliffs of Etretat are impressive, as you can see in the photos.Il must really be at the foot to realize the height. Is climbing possible, I think yes, despite the rock that seems very friable.
You can also go to Saint-Valery-en-Caux. A very old city since the name of Saint-Valery-en-Caux appears for the first time in a document dating from 990, according to the charter in which Richard I, Duke of Normandy, grants a part of his personal belongings to the abbey from Fécamp.
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