Evening in Provence, France, April 2017

An evening in the Provençal hinterland, on April 8th, 2017


Finally, we are whole Dominique and Alain. Patrick will join us later. Now we’re gone on the small roads of Provence in the direction of the Ancient country-house of Celestial bodies.
We follow the highway, the sign of civilization but we drive very fast on the small roads. The crossing of Coudoux was brief, not the time to admire the old houses of village, we are expected for evening pancakes.
After Coudoux, the life seems to have stopped in spite of the rare cars which we cross. The road is narrow and climbs, but we move forward certainly.
Where this road leads, I would not have time to think about it. Doumette shouts me “To the left”. A simple dirt track sinks at night. Then we cross two columns taken out of the nothingness … A hedge winds at night with small taken out bases any right of the past. Then majestic one host house arises at night. Lit everywhere, she looks like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. This place seems steeped in history … By approaching us, life reappears, we hear a background music which becomes clearer in our approach. The starry sky is convenient to the musing …
Are we still in 21th century ?


I sit a moment on this chair convenient to the meditation, I closed eyes.
By opening them, I found the colors of the 21th century. Was it a dream ?
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Doumette, Mylene, Patrick, Alain and Andre for this beautiful evening in the Bastide In Astres.


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