Finisterre, Spain, June 2019

Finisterre, Spain, June 2019
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Finisterre, the last stop for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. As my friend Francis told me, “Finisterre is usually the last step for true pilgrims. Really because there are a whole lot of people who only make the journey to get the “certificate” who can be a plus on their resume (in Spain for example). They do not really make the trip because it is a bus that puts them in strategic places … But once the certificate in hand in Santiago, there are only the real walkers who continue.”
I didn’t know that the pilgrimage route can also be done on horseback. Unfortunately, I only saw walkers. Some went elsewhere to the “End of the World”, a step into the magnificent sea. Some pilgrims lay offerings. It can be a simple pebble, a piece of wood or a T-shirt or a coin.
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