Guadeloupe, France, May 2016

Guadeloupe, France, May 2016
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Here I am leaving for Guadeloupe to find my friend Kiko, cruise Egypt. A discovery of this French territory far from the metropolis. To visit a country with someone living there is extraordinary. This allows to go to places that are not always considered tourist. Moreover, you are not considered a real tourist. Kiko made me visit her island, much better than anything tour guides can tell you. I could also taste the fabrications of the family business, punches, rum Darboussier and rum cream. A bottle was waiting for me elsewhere in my bed and breakfast.
I was going to dive too, but this will be the subject of another article.
I recommend going to Guadeloupe but do not just beaches of fine sand. You have to take the time to appreciate the people and the beauty of the island. I am lucky to have a Guadeloupe friend, Kiko, whom I thank, as well as his grandmother and all his family, for their welcome.
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