Hammamet, Tunisia, July 2008

Hammamet, Tunisia, July 2008
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July is not a good time to go to Hammamet unless you plan to stay on the beach or on the edge of the pool. The temperature in the shade was 40°C (313°F). The sea was warmer than the pool, to say. The visit of the Bardo Museum was a real ordeal with the temperature even hotter in Tunis.
From Hammamet, go for a trip to Tunis to discover the souk (you must haggle, it’s the tradition) and take a walk to the National Museum of Bardo, it is worth a deviation. I did some photos, some of which, I voluntarily forced the contrast to bring out the patterns and colors. The frescoes are really beautiful and some are not as reconstituted as you will discover, but they are huge.
During your journey, have a drink at Café des Délices (Café de Sidi Chaabane) in Sidi-Bou-Said.
There is a lot to discover but what is most striking is the contrast between cities and exteriors. We must not forget that Hammamet is the Riviera of Tunisia. The luxury opposed to the simple life. You will also see many houses that seem unfinished and yet inhabited. Quite simply, because the owners pay taxes only if their house is finished, this explains that.
Lucky, on this trip, a boat race was organized. Seeing this kind of race on television does not really make you aware of the speed of these cars on the water.
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