Hong-Kong, China, January 2018

Hong-Kong, China, January 2018
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I do not regret having decided to make a long stopover. Normally scheduled one hour, I chose the next flight to stay 18h. Finally, 17h because the plane was 1h late.
Arriving on Hong-Kong, I discovered the artificial island, the artificial island housing the entrance of the 6,7km (3.73mi) submarine tunnel that will connect Hong Kong to Macao, complemented by two bridges at 22,8km (13.67mi) and 12km (7.45mi).
The visit of Hong Kong, under a slight drizzle, was quick enough. I still saw what I had planned. I contacted a French, Alexandre (met on routard.com living there and knowing the city well, he was an eloquence on everything related to this city and I learned a lot even if I forgot a lot.
I had planned: HSBC Main Building, Statue Square, Two International Finance Centre, The HK Observation Wheel, Victoria Park, Time Square, Bowrington Road and 1881 Heritage. At night, Hong Kong is wonderful, even in the rain. At times, I would have thought in New York at the foot of these huge skyscrapers. A city to discover absolutely.
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