Salon in Provence

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Salon in Provence, August 2021

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+ My feelings and historical part

Salon de Provence, the city of my childhood where I did all my schooling. But also a place where I made the 400 blows. I would like to make you discover this city where two famous men lived. I would quote first, Adam de Craponne, engineer who carried out the Craponne canal, diversion of the Durance to bring water to Salon de Provence.
The second is famous all over the world. His writings hit the headlines, the “Centuries”. You guessed it, it is Michel de Nostredame, better known under the name of Nostradamus. Each year, the city pays homage to him on the 1st weekend of July. On this occasion, the city reconstitutes the arrival of Catherine de Medici coming to consult the great “magus”.
Salon de Provence also hosts an air base and its air school, but especially the Patrouille de France and the aerobatic team of the Air Force.
Even if this city has lost its grandeur compared to my childhood, it is still interesting to do with the Château de l’Empéri, the Savonneries to make Savon de Marseille.
Historical part
The history of Salon-de-Provence is old. The Roman Aurélienne way passes not far from the city, a way that you can discover by taking the old one of Grans, it is also called “Voie Flavia”.
It is at the center of the zone demarcated by Massilia (Marseille), Aquæ Sextiæ (Aix-en-Provence), Arelate (Arles) and Avenio (Avignon). Salon-de-Provence appears as Villa Salone in the censuses of the possessions of Saint Sauveur de Marseille in 871. The town is also famous for Nostradamus (Michel de NostreDame), who lived there and died there in 1566 as well as ‘Adam de Craponne, his contemporary, was a French engineer who allowed the irrigation of the Crau by the construction of the canal which bears his name.
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