Kiev, Ukraine, October 2021

Kiev, Ukraine, October 2021
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I found a bit of Poland in the architecture of Kiev. Straight, solid walls. A city easy to visit and practical, except for the language. English is not that well known. Moreover, for the record, I took a bus to get around by paying directly to the driver. On the way back, I took another bus. Impossible to pay the driver, no access. So I kept my money and hoped there was no control. You guessed it, I was checked. Even as a foreigner, I did not cut the fine even when explaining that I was in good faith. The humorous side is that we had to use Google Translate to understand us ….
If you want to cross the main avenues, you won’t always find pedestrian crossings. On the other hand, you have tunnels that pass under the main avenues, sometimes coupled with an entrance to the metro. It is really very practical.
I let you discover the first photos of my week with a nice temperature: 11°C (52°F) today.
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