Kiev, Ukraine, October 2021

Kiev, Ukraine, October 2021
I found a bit of Poland in the architecture of Kiev. Straight, solid walls. A city easy to visit and practical, except for the language. English is not that well known. Moreover, for the record, I took a bus to get around by paying directly to the driver. On the way back, I took another bus. Impossible to pay the driver, no access. So I kept my money and hoped there was no control. You guessed it, I was checked. Even as a foreigner, I did not cut the fine even when explaining that I was in good faith. The humorous side is that we had to use Google Translate to understand us ….
If you want to cross the main avenues, you won’t always find pedestrian crossings. On the other hand, you have tunnels that pass under the main avenues, sometimes coupled with an entrance to the metro. It is really very practical.
I let you discover the first photos of my week with a nice temperature: 52°F (11°C) today.


Kiev is located on the Dnieper River in the northwest of the country. The exact date of the foundation remains unknown. Archaeological excavations suggest that Kiev became a city at the end of the 9th century. Kiev has been the capital of Ruthenia, the Principality of Kiev, the Grand Duchy of Ruthenia, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the State of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The city is one of the oldest centers of Eastern Europe and Christianity. The Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Caves Lavra are inscribed on the World Heritage List.
The great city of Kiev paid homage to the Khazars; the name of Kiev comes from the first name of one of the Slavic princes who founded the city: Kyi, the eldest of the four founders of the city with Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. During its history, Kiev, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, passed through several stages, from greatness to relative obscurity. Kiev was part of the Russian Empire then followed, the Soviet period (1920-1991). ²In 1991, after the breakup of the USSR, Kiev became the capital of independent Ukraine. The city then opened up to the market economy, its appearance rapidly modernized and took on the appearance of a great European capital. Nowadays Kiev concentrates the attractiveness and the resources of the economic, financial and cultural center of Ukraine.
The pictures
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