Malaga, Spain, May 2009

Malaga, Spain, May 2009
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Marbella, close the sea, is more English than Spanish. The English settled there and almost imposed a part of their culture on them.
Visits to Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Gibraltar gave me a tour of this country that I loved being young by many trips with my parents. I had to be in the 12 years on my first trip. A beautiful place, where mass tourism was not really present. Entire beaches were beginning to be bought by foreigners. I have beautiful pictures still in mind: the peasant taking a nap under an olive tree after hard work and a hearty lunch, women seeking water at the fountain. Spain has changed between what I saw at age 12 and what exists from 2009.
If you visit this part of Spain, do not miss Seville with the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seat or the Alcazar.
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