Malapascua, Philippines, January 2017

Malapascua, Philippines, January 2017
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I planned for a lovely and awesome trip at the end of January 2017: Malapascua, this island is one of the 7.100 islands in Philippines. It is a small island: 2,5kms long and 1km wide ((1.9mi by 0.11mi).
In this Island there are no cars, only motorcycles. A peaceful stay for me, except the noise of the klaxons
As in Paris, you should never talk about distance for trips, but rather time. 60km (31mi) are done in 2h30. The roads are not so bad, they are similar like our departmental. It’s mostly driving that causes problems. The code of the road is almost non-existent and you with jeepneys, tricycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, it’s a lot of people coming from right, left. And you also have the villages crossing with all these pedestrians
I must say that I fell in love with this country and people, who smile constantly. So, advice, go ahead ….
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