Malta, October 2014

Malta, October 2014
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This trip to Malta was a homecoming. My paternal family is from Malta. My great-grandfather left Mosta to Algeria hoping to make his way there. At the independence of Algeria, my parents went to France. My father even received a letter from the Maltese Embassy to offer a return to the countries of the former Maltese nationals. Malta is very beautiful, it is really worth seeing. I visited Sliema, Valletta, Mosta (the land of my ancestors), Mdina but also Gozo, a beautiful island with Xlendi, the salt marshes of Malsaform, Victoria (or “Ir-Rabat”) or the island of Comino. The Maltese are very believing Catholics and many churches are erected on all the islands.
Ir-Rabat, Mosta are beautiful cities to discover too. Moreover, in Mosta, during the Second World War, people took refuge in the Sanctuary of St. Mary of the Assumption of Mosta. A bomb fell in the middle, without exploding. The latter, disarmed, is kept in the Sanctuary.
Moreover, the religious monuments of Malta have a particularity. There are very often 2 clocks that do not give the same time. This to deceive the Devil:
“According to legend, this deception prevents him from knowing the exact time of the Mass and so that he does not come to disturb the faithful ones. For information, the correct time is always on the right clock, the left being considered as the side of the evil one, but, above all, do not tell him! “
I rented a quad, a wonderful machine to crossroads and appreciate landscapes, take the small roads and feel free.
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