Manila Philippines, December 2017

Manila, Philippines, December 2017
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I wanted to make a special article for Manila. A great and beautiful city but also one of the most polluted in the world. It must be said that traffic almost never stops there. In addition, jeepeneys, American jeeps abandoned after the war and transformed into mini buses, are very polluting vehicles but they remain one of the emblematic figures of the Philippines.
Old Manila is beautiful and Rizal Park is worth seeing. A small artificial lake is strewn with small mounds. They represent all the islands of the Philippines. The Chinese garden is also very beautiful.
It made me happy to see young Filipinas with their teacher walking around the park with plastic bags to fight the destruction. This would be to reproduce in France to teach some young people respect for the environment and others.
Come to discover this city even if the pollution could make you flee.
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