Modica, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021

Modica, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021
Modica is also perched on a hill like Ragusa but the monuments are more accessible. I would also say not to hesitate to stroll in the small alleys. It’s still a pleasure to market, even though the temperatures were high with 38 ° C (100.4 ° F). I spent a few hours traveling around this city, but only saw a small part of it. The monuments are magnificent and are also worth a visit.
Faites attention aussi où vous vous garez, j’ai pris un PV pour oubli de mettre de l’argent dans le parcmétre. Après, pour le paiement, un virement direct avec les références du PV et tout est okay.
Note: Sorry for the photo of the Cathedral of San Giorgio whose panoramic did not work well but I am not enough good with Photoshop


Modica: The city was the scene, in 1474, of an anti-Jewish pogrom called “Strage dell’Assunta” (the Assumption massacre). 360 Jews were massacred in the Jewish quarter of the city (the Giudecca), under the encouragement of Catholic preachers. Partially affected by the 1693 earthquake, the city was rebuilt with baroque buildings which earned it a World Heritage classification by UNESCO along with seven other towns in Val di Noto. When the Treaties of Utrecht in 1713 passed the crown of Sicily from the King of Spain to the Duke of Savoy, the county of Modica remained an Iberian possession, fiscally and politically autonomous from the rest of the island. In 1804, Secretary of State John Acton received the Duchy of Modica in compensation for his withdrawal from public affairs at the request of the French.
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