Modica, Sicily, Italy, July 2021

Modica, Sicily, Italy, July 2021
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Modica is also perched on a hill like Ragusa but the monuments are more accessible. I would also say not to hesitate to stroll in the small alleys. It’s still a pleasure to market, even though the temperatures were high with 38°C (100.4°F). I spent a few hours traveling around this city, but only saw a small part of it. The monuments are magnificent and are also worth a visit.
Also be careful where you park, I took a ticket for forgetting to put money in the parking meter. After, for the payment, a direct transfer with the references of the PV and everything is okay.
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Note: Sorry for the photo of the Cathedral of San Giorgio whose panoramic did not work well but I am not enough good with Photoshop to fix it.

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