Mumbai (Bombay), India, October 2019

Mumbai (Bombay), India, October 2019
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Mumbai, a city that changes compared to Bangalore. Mumbai has 2 faces: the historic city with Colaba and the modern city testifies these buildings, these long and wide arteries. This is another vision of India. We are getting closer to modern India, which almost became, in 2019, the 4th state to probe the Moon. Knowing the will of the Indians, this is only a first attempt.
I don’t like the big cities but I especially liked the “modern” area, the calm with a little less noise. In reality, the noise is omnipresent but the streets are wide so the sound can fly really hit our ears.
I read that lovers should not be too demonstrative in India, that it shocked. For so much, while walking on “Chowpatty Seaface”, many young people stood by the hand, embraced without any shame. Would modernity also come in love?
Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a look at Bollywood, the Hindi film industry.The name “Bollywood” is a portmanteau word formed from “Bombay” and “Hollywood”.
Note: Don’t ask me if I prefer Mumbai or Bangalore. I would be unable to say it. They are different cities and do not have the same charm.
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