My vision of the Philippines, January 2018

My vision of the Philippines, January 2018, the 17th
Why this page
I wish to give my felt and my vision concerning the Philippines, and why I adore this country. Before my 1st journey, everybody told me “You are crazy to go in this country with this president completely crazy, this dictator”. I went on a small island of diver. Who was at the head of the country was the least of my concerns. I think in Israel, in Palestine, there are also tourists in these dangerous countries.
Young person, I was always fascinated by Asia, its culture, its history. After this 1st journey, I fell in love with this country, with these people, friendly, generous. Nevertheless I was close to some Filipinos but in a sweetened place. I thus wanted to know more about it because in my return, an idea germinated in me ” An idea, a realization of project. I already had the idea to leave France for the retreat, certainly in the direction of Asia ” Could this country be this earth so looked for ?
To answer this question, I need to understand its history, his president, and meet filipinos.
A little of history
The Philippines entered the Spanish colonial empire in 1565. The United States encourage the movement of independence of the 1890s and participate militarily. In 1898, a treaty ends the Spanish-American conflict. Spain sells to the Americans without giving the independence.
New master is there !!! In reply, a new wind of independence blows. The fight starts again from February, 1899. In 1935, US grant a semi autonomy and a first president is elected.
Finally, July 4th, 1946, the Philippines obtain to enfinleur independence. On July 4th, a date which reminds me something…
US do not want to leave this end of earth and the American presence remains omnipresent because the Philippines are close to China.
The Americans also get from them there, shows of it this anecdote: an American, later an altercation declared during its arrest: “you cannot touch me, I am AMERICAN” “
Who is president Duterte
Is he this bloodthirsty dictator described by the western media ?
I a little inquired about president Duterte, I discussed various platforms. It is an impulsive person, a visaya. He offends, Obama, the pope, … But what stands out mainly, it is love of its country. It wants its country to become a sovereign state and more a state vassal of the western world. You should not forget that the Philippines were one of the countries the richest in Asia.
Mayor of Davao during 20 years, his work seems exemplary even if these results are slandered by the western media.
When he ran in the presidential elections, he had said “Forget human rights, if I become a president, it is going to bleed”. Why? He wants to eradicate the criminality, the corruption, the poverty and especially the drug of his country. He was elected a president in 2016 with 40 % of voices (23 % for the 2nd then 21 %, 12 % and 3 %). Filipinos wanted him.
For the corruption, he established a free number if you are a victim of corruption. He guarantees an answer within 48 hours. Concerning, the drug, the policemen have carte blanche. 5.000 deaths (arrests and regulations of account), more than 2.000 drug-addicts who established prisoners by fear of dying in streets.
Shortly after his election, he required the departure of the American servicemen. President
Duterte gets closer to China, to Russia to obtain economic and technical assistances but while keeping a Philippine sovereignty and an activity !!!
If you want really to know more about it on him, forget what say to you the western newspapers.
The western media
A big debate or a big denial. Every broadcast handling the Philippines speaks about president Duterte and about its fight against gives drugs to him. The message which they want to make : “Duterte is responsible for thousand deaths”. No broadcast escapes this rule. My western friend FB living in the Philippines or those whom I am next via the groups of expatriates is always disgusted by this display.
The western media spoke a lot about the war led against E.I., Daesh but for 5 war months to Mindanao, not much information. Why ?
Anecdote: in May, 2017, “Le Monde” titled “Several deaths in fights on a tourist island of Bohol, in the South of the Philippines. It would be about the first operation of the organization Abou Sayyaf in this zone”.
After discussion about Bohol with friends living on-the-spot, it was about drug dealers who got lost and arrived on Bohol without knowing where they were. They returned into lands, killed two elderly. Shortly after, children discovered bodies and fetched the police which called the army. The servicemen searched the killers and killed them all except one, who proposed a million peso ransom against its liberation. He was killed. Well or not, it remains an answer given to the drug dealers !!! Who to believe finally, I leave you judge !!!
Why this denial of President Duterte?
Because he wants to limit the power of the U.S.A of his country and not to be a country vassal.
The fight against drugs
I regret every these deaths but there are several visions to be had. Friends of job (work), Asian and European saw the last broadcast.
The European found barbaric the white card given to the policemen to handle the problem of the drug. The Asian found it completely normal.
A white card in the Philippines, and in France ? The policemen who are spat above, receive stony jets. They are shot. The prison sentences for the delinquents are so low.
To meditate…
My felt
I especially saw a lot of smile, many sun in these faces.
I was next to great people. The family which welcomed me, people in the street, in the jeepneys, the UV services (minibus), drunk, trains. You can discuss with everybody. People answer you. I walked in the district, I played basketball with the children, drank some beers and glasses of rum with the adults.
And I felt good there. Of course, I was in a family of the district, it helps. But at the bottom of me, I hope to have been appreciated by what I am and not by my foreign side. I never felt in danger and I much more felt safe over there than on the Paris region. Then, it is necessary to avoid walking at night in certain districts.
By returning one evening late, Peter, the big boy of the family, asked me to tidy up telephone and camera. And to put my backpack in front of me. Question of safety. He had had to notice certain things because it was not the 1st time when we crossed in this night sector what surprised me. No lights in the street at night. The district is closed of midnight at 2 o’clock in the morning as many districts. There is no trash can in streets, the blow many rejections on the ground (tumblers, plastic bottles, …). I would not speak about France, with all the trash cans ”
What also surprised me, it is this will to make always more. Peter, down from these 15 years goes to the school. His desire: police future to help the others. He already helps her mother by buying his own clothes or just by asking for a complement. Down from these 15 years, he earns money with tricycles, jeepneys also, I believe. Casual jobs which bring back him some pesos. And many Filipinos are so, to gather the slightest small possible peso.
People who raises the head and want to live !!!
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