Mysore, India, October 2019

Mysore, India, October 2019
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A beautiful city to discover with a local driver who will drive you to different temples and the Palace of Mysore. It’s a city like I love them. This is not the market town but it remains human despite its congestion during rush hour. In India, you have to be patient. Perhaps the founder of Yoga had a vision of the future and made every effort to help his future motorists to relativize the time spent in traffic jams…. Smiles…
Small reminder, the cow is sacred in India. Those who are not attached can walk where they want to leave even to cause traffic jams, even accidents. Finally, a presence, recalled by Indiano Jones, the monkeys in the temples.
Remerciements spéciaux:
Thanks to Saiprasad for having accompanied me to this city.
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