Mysore, the Night and Divali, India, October 2019

Mysore, Night and Divali, India, October 2019
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You know my passion for night photography. In addition, with Divali, the festival of lights, it represents a splendid playground for me.
Divali, also called Diwali or Deepavali, is a major holiday in the Indian world. “Divali” is the contracted form of “Dipavali”, taken from the Sanskrit “row of lamps” (“dipa avali”). Inseparable from the great festival of DussehraN 1, which takes place twenty days before, it commemorates the return of Rama to Ayodhya. Its inhabitants had then illuminated the streets where the king passed with “dip” lamps.
Divali is an opportunity to decorate houses and streets and to enjoy different dishes, including treats. After the religious part of the party, we exchange gifts, we fireworks and we will attend the shows of all kinds proposed in the mela, sanscrit word means gathering, which then take place.
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