Nantes, France, September 2021

Nantes, France, September 2021
Nantes is a magnificent city, several times elected as one of the most pleasant cities in France. The parks are numerous there as well as the monuments, witnesses of its past. I also had the chance to discover it with my daughter Jessica, an excellent guide, who knows her city well. You will also see some photos signed with his name. It is really a city to be discovered by its heritage and its pormanente evolution.


Nantes is located near the Atlantic Ocean, at the start of the Loire estuary and at the confluence of the Erdre and the Loire rivers. Nantes is therefore separated into 3 parts with the North (the most hilly part), the Ile de Nantes and the South zone (Dos-d´Âne or “Pirmil”, Saint-Jacques, Grèneraie and Sèvres). The temperatures are mild there, with little rain, bringing drought. This climate is very favorable to vegetation, as evidenced by the many parks and gardens in Nantes.
Nantes developed thanks to its commercial circuits inherited from the Middle Ages Then came the time of the colonists and “white hires”. who will develop the colonial economy in the Antilles. But the enrichment of Nantes will come with the development of the slave trade between Europe, Africa and America, known as triangular trade. If Nantes is not the only French port to have practiced the slave trade, it is its pioneer: between 1707 and 1711, 75% of slave ships leave. The slavery abolition memorial is located on the Quai de la Fosse, between the Anne de Bretagne bridge and the Victor-Schoelcher footbridge which leads to the Palais de Justice. On this route, 0.93mi long (1.5km), 2000 glass plates embedded in the ground bear witness to the slave shipments that left Nantes, the capital of the slave trade in France in the 18th century.
During the French Revolution, the city held by the Republicans was at the forefront of the Vendée revolt and its resistance was one of the keys to Republican success. Nantes continued its development in the 19th century and became industrialized. The city’s industrial past has left it with an important heritage, in particular the “LU” biscuit factory, which has become Le Lieu unique. A large part of the industrial port has become an artistic center: “Les Fabriques”. The elephant is a centerpiece of this artistic laboratory. A short video will show you in action, watch out for water jets …
Special thanks:
A big thank you to my daughter Jessica, and her boyfriend Victor, for this visit to Nantes. 21,75mi (35km) walked in 2 days. If you like to walk, you will be in for a treat.
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