New York, USA, June 2011

New-York, USA, June 2011
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The city of New York has always made me dream. I changed on Phone “One day, I’ll go to New York with you”. 5 days in this huge city. We talk about Parisians who have always been in a hurry, but New Yorkers are even more so. You have small shops, a bit like caterers but self-service. You take a small plastic box and you choose what you want to eat. I do not think that this is the generality, but it is close to what we discover on TV: “New Yorkers do not cook … Ready-made dishes or burgers, pizzas are many.
All these buildings, these skyscrapers are spinning. And at the top of the Empire State Buildings, you feel small in the face of all the peaks going to the sky. Times Square is also memorable. The light is so intense that you do not need to use the flash for night shots.
The visit of Ellis Island remains a nostalgic moment, thinking that families could be separated, some, often children, being able to reach the promised land and others rejected, the parents most of the time. The symbol of the Statue of Liberty is very far from this sorting in the American dream.
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