Noto, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021

Noto, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021
Noto is also a very beautiful city, and especially less steep for visiting the main cathedrals and churches. I parked  Corso Vittorio Emanuele , near the par public. From this place it is possible to see the main monuments. You just have to go up this street to the end starting from  Porta Reale o Ferdinandea . Then go back down via  Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour . Under the heat of Sicily, a small beer then allowed to quench your thirst with a small  Granita , lemon, my favorite flavor.


Noto: Long occupied by the Muslims, Noto surrendered to the Norman conquerors commanded by Count Roger de Hauteville in 1091, thus putting an end to the Norman conquest of Sicily (1061-1091). This date marks the beginning of the reign of the Hauteville family throughout the island and its history is now linked to the kingdom of Sicily. An earthquake devastated the town of Neai (Noto Antica) in 1693. Its inhabitants then decided to rebuild it about eight kilometers further south. On the hill of the Meti the people settle (Noto haute); Along the slopes, on the other hand, were built the main churches, the most important convents, and the prestigious aristocratic residences (Low Noto). The buildings are constructed with a yellow limestone.
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