Paris, France, May 2017

Paris, France, May 2017
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And now, I took a liking to my first photo trip to Paris. I go back for a walk and walk around Paris to do some clichés.
A great walk in Paris where I could enjoy a beautiful day. I could see these famous padlocks that people put on bridges, streetlights. Everything is possible. Some even put bike locks to hang their padlock and again, bloom others.
Fortunately, people do not throw the key into the Seine because it could be a big pollution problem. But padlocks pose a security problem because a padlock alone is not very heavy, but with the amount, it threatens some bridges. The mayor of Paris cut regularly.
Note: I am updating this post to give an idea of the weight of the padlocks. In April 2018, the Paris mayor removed padlocks on the Pont Neuf, at the foot of the statue of Henry IV, at the tip of the island of the City. So 40 tons of love padlocks were scrapped in two weeks.
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