Paris, From George V to Javel, February 2022

Paris, From George V to Javel, February 2022
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>Another nice walk in the sun. Moreover, I put the photo of the last step of last week (From Guy Moquet to Georges V) and it was not the same weather.
From the Champs Elysées to the Trocadéro, a small tour towards the statue of La Fayette in the company of George Washington, a statue offered by the young state, the USA.
Then the Passy cemetery, a neighborhood cemetery, a neighborhood of people known as Bouygues, Tristan Bernard, … I couldn’t resist taking photos including Fernandel, from my native south. Balzac’s house is also magnificent, located in the Passy district. Our steps then led us to the ORTF where a Statue of Liberty dominates.
Then, a short walk on the Swan Island to finally arrive at Javel.
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Special thanks
Thanks to Christophe, from the Meetup group “La Boutique Insolite” [here] which organized this outing “Promenade: “From George V to Javel”.


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